A step by step process

This roadmap details all the framework of a participatory assessment process.

You can access each phase here : Phase I, Phase II, Phase III or directly each step by clicking on the map.

An interactive process

  • You can download the detailed Roadmap in PDF format here

Adapt to your case study situation

Depending on issue and context, you may implement the full process or only part of it.

The roadmap offers key elements of the participatory assessment process

Identify the issues

How to engage a stakeholder-management-science forum in defining the policy issues than need to and can be addressed


Tips to scope the actors need, the relevant scale of the system and identify the team who will run the assessment and their legitimacy


Guidelines to map the system using a “system thinking” approach

Check-up and triage

A methodology to identify the objectives of the assessment and the potential management actions

Keep engagement in modelling

How to involve stakeholders in the development of the models and assessment tools


Inspiration for communication and media coverage of the participatory assessment process and outputs


Build a common culture and select jointly relevant environmental issues


Check the relevance and feasability of the selected management issues and options


Keep stakeholders involved in the assessment tools and model development process

Photo: © Evgeni Tcherkasski / Pixabay