« Through the workshops, I understood better all the points of view of the issue »

A manager

From the start of the process to a common culture workshop

Step 1 > Form the project core team

In answer to an environmental issue, the starting point is to identify a project core team. This team can be composed of a single stakeholder, but a more efficient combination is a partnership between managers or regulators and scientists.

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Step 2 > Identify environmental issues

A first identification by the core team of the environmental issues to be adressed. ‘Quick and dirty’ but relevant, this stage should offer a first scope in terms of issues, stakeholders to be engaged, geographical territory, time limits,… and will be refined in further stages of the process.

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Step 3 > Grasp the socio-ecological system

Representing under different conceptual or cognitive maps the social-ecological system will foster system thinking.

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Step 4 > Identify the stakeholder forum

The stakeholder forum should consist of all actors with an interest in the environmental issues identified and should involve scientist from natural and social sciences.

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Step 5 > Gather expert knowledge

At this stage, the project team starts gathering expert knowledge and initiates interactions with relevant stakeholders.

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Step 6 > Build a common culture

Different common culture activities can be considered such as stakeholder common culture workshop, focus group meetings, or putting together a glossary…

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