After the first steps of the process, at the core team initiative (preliminary environmental issue and potential BGIN options identification; first exchanges with a few stakeholders; conceptual mapping) comes the time for sharing with a wider stakeholder forum and external communication.

Following the stakeholder and institutional mapping (Step 3), the project core team can identify stakeholders with an interest in BGIN strategies on the territory. This list is not fixed and will evolve during the process as new stakeholders are identified through the progress in the system knowledge.

If possible, it is useful to use an existing forum involved in environmental management issues on the territory.

Research should be part of this forum, and involve scientist from natural and social disciplines.

 Institutional and stakeholder mapping

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Est quam patriae sit res.

Est quam patriae sit res.


Example of representation of the dimensions of a project partnership with the stakeholder forum.

Photo: © Mohd Hafiz Yahya / Unsplash