At the end of each round of mapping and scoping, within the project core team or with the stakeholder forum, different checkups should be made to verify that the project is relevant on the territory and to identify clearly objectives. This can be organised using a triage process (Pendleton et al. 2015).

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Est quam patriae sit res.

Est quam patriae sit res.


Checkup 1. For which purposes is a Blue and Green infrastructure assessment needed in the area?

This question relates to the operational needs of the stakeholders who envisage using a BGIN assessment. The following list of possible goals can help prioritise actions in the project.

  • Improve and integrate knowledge;
  • Provide an initial diagnosis for management;
  • Raise awareness of particular issues or of the value of the environment more generally;
  • Explore possible changes in the ecosystems or human pressure;
  • Design a new policy;
  • Compare operational management options, to facilitate trade-offs;
  • Increase welfare of relevant populations.
Checkup 2. What are the most important environmental issues in relation to Blue and Green Infrastructures?

For this checkup, prioritise the different issues and BGIN opportunities identified during the process.

Checkup 3. What parts of the case study socio-ecosystem are concerned by these environmental issues?

Verify that the conceptual mapping represent all concerned parts of the socio-ecosystem relatively to the identified environmental issues and BGIN strategies.

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