At the end of the participatory assessment, it is essential to ‘celebrate’ with a final workshop that closes this cycle of the process with the stakeholder forum. This workshop should focus more on future perspectives than on an ex-post evaluation: ‘Where do we go from here?’, ‘Should we pursue the same issues?’, ‘Are there other issues that could be addressed?’, ‘Are there other stakeholders who should be engaged?

To further celebrate the engagement process, a local public event can be organized to present the final results and invite discussion through round tables and open debates, allowing the experience and results to be shared more widely.

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Date: 2017-2023

Improving the management of atlantic landscapes: acounting for biodiversity and ecosystem services Interreg Atlantic Area, started in 2017

Coordination by J. Ballé-Béganton and D. Bailly

Photo: © Marine Briois / Pixabay