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David McKelvey
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Couesnon river catchment

North-Western France in the Armorican massif
Costel Slincu
Kmtextor, Wikimedia Commons

Gulf of Gdansk

This area is under strong anthropogenic pressure.
Gulf of RigaWikimedia

Gulf of Riga

The Gulf is an estuarine, land-dominated area, situated between the Estonian and Latvian mainland and Saaremaa Island.
Holger Ellgaards | Wikimedia Commons
F. Goulo / AAMP

Iroise Marine Natural Park

The Molène’s archipelago
Stelios Zacharias
By Confiável (Prainha, Arraial do Cabo-RJ) Wikimedia Commons
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Eric Jones
Eric Jones
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Micro plastics and their effects on marine organisms

40% of plastic production is dedicated to food packaging, for an average use of only a few minutes. Portrait serie
Gwenael Piaser
Gwenael Piaser

Normand-Breton Gulf

West part of the Channel including French and Channel islands marine waters

North Devon

The core of the North Devon Biosphere Reserve is the Braunton Burrows dune system
Karl Ragnar Gjertsen Krg, Wikimedia Commons
Joseolgon / Wikimedia

Paiva River

Douro Catchment, Portugal
Abel de Burgos
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Jean-Pierre Bazard, Wikimedia Commons
Julien Guerrero

Plastic is now found everywhere

Durable, malleable, cheap, plastic is now foundeverywhere. Portrait: Julien Guerrero
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Plymouth Sound to Fowey

Marine Conservation Zone and an offshore Special Area of Conservation
Image courtesy of Poole Tourism

Poole Harbour

Southern England
D. Lédan / SIAGM
Gwenael Piaser
J. Beganton / UBO
Karl Ragnar Gjertsen Krg, Wikimedia Commons

Sustainable seafood

Sustainable fish and seafood? Understand in a few clicks the stakes of the seafood market in the European Union, the activities and the possibilities for action.
Gwenael Piaser
Dan Diffendale
Christian Ferrer, Wikimedia Commons
Anthony Sigalas
Gwenael Piaser
Gwenael Piaser
Gwenael Piaser
Gwenael Piaser