« When looking at a list of components, whether for toothpaste or shampoo, you are soon facing unpro- nounceable and obscure words. We have to make a default choice. »

As Julien has found, not only do we lack information but it is also not easy to change behavior.

« It’s quite annoying because the culprit is well identified [us humans], even though very few people are purposefully wicked. Nobody wants to release their plastic waste in the natural envi- ronment. Very often people do not want to do bad things, but they are not well informed and will consume in a certain way that causes negative impacts at the end of the chain. »

Giving people information, raising awareness, learning to make a choice as a consumer, decision- maker or industrialist, to become a driver for change: this is what motivated Julien to contact Surfrider Foundation Europe. The NGO put him in contact with other people and advised them to set up a local branch together.

Against all odds, their first beach cleanup in Finistère brought together nearly 80 participants!

Julien Guerrero, old Surfrider volunteer Non-profit worker in agroecology Brest, France

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Date: 2015-2019

The ResponSEAble project has been looking at ways to help people understand their connection to the sea.
ResponSEAble is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program and has 15 partners from around the European Union.

Crédits: Louise Ras and Johanna Ballé-Béganton, Portrait
series: Julien Guerrero – Surfrider volunte