A participatory assessment, by its very nature, brings together actors who may have very different backgrounds or experiences of the issues being addressed. Each sector, discipline or group formed around a common theme tends to develop its own ‘jargon’ of technical terms and acronyms that can sometimes sound like a foreign language. Similarly, a participatory assessment – as in the case of Blue and Green Infrastructure Networks or Ecosystem Services – may deal with concepts that may be totally unfamiliar to some stakeholders or associated with a previously known framework that will give rise to very different interpretations.

Check regularly to ensure that you are understood, as a sign of mutual respect. Facilitators should invite participants to adapt their language if this is not the case.

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Date: 2017-2023

Improving the management of atlantic landscapes: acounting for biodiversity and ecosystem services Interreg Atlantic Area, started in 2017

Coordination by J. Ballé-Béganton and D. Bailly

Photo: © Virtualgadjo / Pixabay