Managers speak and act within political and legal frameworks, within their jurisdiction, and must take into account the political agenda that scientists often ignore. Managers need to share these concerns with scientists to avoid a disconnection that could delegitimise the whole process. Managers must ensure that the assessment comes at the right time to feed into the political process.

Managers are used to dealing with private consultants on whom they can impose their terms of reference or with scientists for advice. Teaming up with science in a participatory assessment is an opportunity to co-design and explore new paths and perspectives.

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Date: 2017-2023

Improving the management of atlantic landscapes: acounting for biodiversity and ecosystem services Interreg Atlantic Area, started in 2017

Coordination by J. Ballé-Béganton and D. Bailly

Photo: © F. Goulo / AAMP / PNMI | A. Maulpoix / CNRS