Transnational scenario synthesis


Results of the scenario building processes developed by VALMER’s case study sites.

Herry, J., A. Winder, N. Beaumont, A. Bell, D. Davoult, K. Dedieu, W. Dodds, L. Friedrich, C. Griffiths, S. Guilbert, O. Guyader, T. Hooper, P. Hoskin, O. Langmead, M. Laurans, P. Le Niliot, A. Marzin, R. Mongruel, F. Morisseau, M. Philippe, N. Smith, A. Vanhoutte-Brunier and D. Vaschalde, (2015) VALMER INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England Project.

This report aims to summarise the scenario building process that was used with stakeholders in the VALMER project. The project is about assessingmarine ecosystem services in the western Channeland uses a scenario building process to engage stakeholders. The project’s methodology involved an ecosystem services analysisusing datagathered from six case study sitesfound in the UK and France. The results of the analyses were then used to try and improve marine planning and governance.

This document can be read in conjunction with the VALMER scenariosguidelinesdocument that sets out how to run a scenariosbuilding exercise with stakeholders.

Here we have set out the approaches adopted in each of the six case study sites and this includes a brief introduction to the site, the ecosystem services assessment, the scenarios approach and the use of the outputs from the scenariosfor management. Importantly, the document also gives information on what the advantages and disadvantages of the scenariosprocess, the difficulties encountered and some tips for running a scenario session. Finally, the learning from the process is translated into some recommendations for a successful site based scenario building exercise for use by practitioners

The project

Date: 2015