Communicating the concepts of ecosystem services and valuation will require different techniques and tools depending on the target audience.

Communication are useful at different stages of the process to:

  • Explain the concepts of ecosystem services;
  • Make it available for different audiences to raise awareness (e.g.  children, general public);
  • Address complexity and make information more accessible (e.g. knowledge platforms;
  • Communicate the results to ensure efficient use by decision makers and managers.


Examples of communication and visualisation from the Parc Naturel Régional du Morbihan case study:

  • a visual and educational way to present services: slide presenting the link between the ability of seagrass beds to ensure habitats for species (green boxes) and the benefits and beneficiaries (pink boxes)

J.Beganton et al., 2014

  • Example of cartoons developed to communicate the ecosystem services provided by seagrass beds to the general public

Sophie Lamba for the PNRGM, France, 2015

  • knowledge integration platform developed under the ExtendSIM software: Example of a visual representation of ecosystem functions and services (green boxes), the beneficiaries and users (pink boxes) and the nature of pressures and impacts on seagrass beds (orange boxes). Each of the boxes is linked to more detailed contents.


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