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Costel Slincu

Danube Delta

The Romanian Black Sea coast is the area most subject to freshwater flows, with the river loads of the Danube (Danube delta) contributing significantly to the degradation of the coastal ecosystem.
Stelios Zacharias

Izmit Bay

Although the Dilderesi river and the eastern canal are the main freshwater inputs to the bay, they both carry polluted water from surrounding industries, settlements and agricultural areas.

Thermaikos Gulf

Following a major change in the Gulf's natural environment, mussel production has declined, with socio-economic effects for the local population.
Gwenael Piaser

Venice Lagoon

The presence of industrial and port activities, as well as increasing human pressures and intensive agriculture in the watershed, have highlighted the problem of eutrophication and pollution of water and sediments.
Dan Diffendale

Taranto Mare Piccolo

Numerous activities can cause unsustainable forcing in this site, including urbanization and industrial waste, intensive aquaculture and agriculture, and unresolved conflicts of use.
Christian Ferrer, Wikimedia Commons

Thau Lagoon

Most activities are potentially responsible for environmental pressure. The project involves the implementation of an initial integrated management plan (SMVM).
Wo Shing Au

Barcelona Coast

During rainy events, the coast is affected by urban storm drains, in addition to rivers. Projects are needed to reduce or avoid the problem.
Kmtextor, Wikimedia Commons

Guadiana Estuary

Agriculture involving eutrophication, aquaculture with effluent impacts, tourism and recreation generating habitat destruction, fishing leading to border conflicts.

Pertuis Charentais

Mise en place d'un "plan de gestion des eaux côtières" (SMVM) équivalent au plan "terrestre" et de procédures de négociation pour la gestion des eaux douces.

Scheldt Delta

How to achieve truly sustainable development for the region: striking a balance between regional economic development, social well-being and the restoration of ecological values.
Acediscovery,Wikimedia Commons

Cork Harbour

Tourism, marine heritage, fishing and waste management are other key human activities associated with the port.
David McKelvey

Clyde Sea

Consequences for fishing and aquaculture of increased recreational boating activity. The role of marine protected areas in improving fishing and conservation. The consequences for the ecosystem of reducing wastewater inputs.
Karl Ragnar Gjertsen Krg, Wikimedia Commons


There are cod fisheries in the fjord, and the shallow areas where eelgrass grows are important nursery grounds . In the Kranfjorden, chemical pollution of the sediment originates from the former wood-processing industry.
Simon Bierwald


A policy of increasing production through mussel farming has been implemented. A new land use policy is currently being proposed to redistribute land use according to watershed characteristics and the risks of runoff and nutrient leakage.
Holger Ellgaards | Wikimedia Commons


The estuary is strongly impacted by an intensive blue mussel commercial fishery causing habitat changes and heavy eutrophication resulting in frequent oxygen depletion events. The fjord is used for ship transport from the North Sea to the Kattegat and viceversa and water-related recreational activity.
Karl Ragnar Gjertsen Krg, Wikimedia Commons

Oder Estuary

Human activities include tourism, agriculture, fishing and shipping. Impacts include eutrophication, nutrient loading, biochemical pollution, habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity.

Gulf of Gdansk

Impact of changes in land use and agriculture in the coastal zone and Vistula watershed on coastal water quality.
Gulf of RigaWikimedia

Gulf of Riga

Human activities impacting the area include industry, agriculture, fishing and other sources.